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A presentation by Buckthorn Baggie on buckthorn removal & control was given at the Upper Midwest Invasive Species Conference (UMISC).

Presentation given to the Upper Midwest Invasive Species Conference was given on this technique for buckthorn removal.  No RTU or other chemicals are needed to eliminate buckthorn.

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I am a person who does not like to use chemicals for environmental reasons and for personal health reasons. Just read a couple of the labels and you can see why I do not like to handle chemicals or have my family members handle chemicals. I could not believe there was not a product to kill this terrible buckthorn issue. So the Buckthorn Baggie was developed, tested over years, and patent pending now. I did this to help our native plants and hope you use and enjoy this new chemical free alternative. Matt Hamilton.

I recently gave a presentation at the a National Conference for the Bureau of Indian Affairs.  The Buckthorn Baggie is a great alternative for the use of chemicals meeting many of the BIA needs.

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This information can be used for any purpose, please site www.buckthornbaggie.com

Buckthorn control with no chemicals and does not disturb the soil which would allow new seeds to germinate.

Buckthorn is an invasive plant overtaking many of the woodlands plots across the Midwest and Canada.  If not controlled or eliminated buckthorn can totally destroy all native plants in our woods.

As a student at Bailey Elementary School in Woodbury, Minnesota, Matt Hamilton didn't realize how valuable an inventors fair would be in his future. The Bailey Elementary School's 5th grade inventors fair is still the basis for his inventing ways, which is to identify a problem and then to create a solution to your identified problem. Matt is currently a junior at the University of Wisconsin - Madison earning a degree in mechanical engineering. Matt's dad put him to work removing buckthorn every summer. Matt realized that buckthorn is a huge problem, and he could not believe that there was no easy product to control it. Lots of chemicals can kill buckthorn, but with all of the side effects of chemicals, they were not to be used on his parents' property. Matt's next option was to pull the buckthorn out by hand. This was a lot of hard work, and after he would pull the buckthorn out one year, the following year resulted in hundreds of buckthorn seeds germinating and starting the cycle over again. Another major problem Matt was having by pulling the buckthorn out by hand was that when he pulled the buckthorn out of a hill, major erosion was occurring due to loose soil and no roots holding the soil in place.  This made the problem even worse. As a result of the buckthorn problem, Matt went through several years of testing, documenting, and refining the Buckthorn Baggie so that it would be 100% effective and have a kill rate of 100%. Matt's product is one of those products that's so simple and effective he often hears, "Wow, why didn't I think of that?" to which he thinks, "You weren't the one tearing it out every summer".

Here are the simple instructions:

1) Cut the buckthorn down leaving a 6" stump. For safety, cut should be at 90 degrees.

2) Place a Buckthorn Baggie over the stump - fanning out the bottom.

3) Zip tie the Buckthorn Baggie to the stump.

4) Return after stump is 100% dead and reuse on another buckthorn plant.

The Buckthorn Baggie is chemical free, does not disturb the soil, results in no erosion, and is reusable. The Buckthorn Baggie also works on any other plants that promulgate from the stump or root ball. Patent Pending.

For more information, please don't hesitate to contact Matt Hamilton at buckthornbaggie@yahoo.com
(651) 734-8332
Company website is www.buckthornbaggie.com

Listed on the Minnesota Department of Natural resources website as a way to control buckthorn.  http://www.dnr.state.mn.us/invasives/terrestrialplants/woody/buckthorn/control.html


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Janice Siska-Hjelmgren Racine WI

The regular size is working well on our regular sized buckthorn!  The baggies have stayed on all winter, there is no sprouting around them, and they are still in good condition.  Having bludgeoned, poisoned, and watched a backhoe buckthorn battle with, and lose, to buckthorn over the years, I really appreciate the simplicity, efficiency, and healthful method of eradicating buckthorn with the buckthorn baggies!!!

Peggy Fey Eagle, WI

Thanks for making a product that is so friendly to the environment!!

Lori Risting-Clark, Eagan MN

Thanks for a great product! Works on 90+% of the buckthorn we remove.  I am excited about ow much we've removed so far this year.  Love not having to use chemicals and love your Buckthorn Baggies!!

Tom Berry, Forest Lake, MN

Thanks so much for a great product!  I have been looking for a why on how to get rid of buckthorn for years and hate chemicals.  Your product works awesome!  

Steve Brown, Cottage Grove MN

For may large buckthorn infestation I am using the buckthorn baggies.  I like the idea of re-using the bags over and over again.  It allows me to walk through our woods and methodically kill all our large plants first and then work on the smaller tress.  I feel this the best way how to eliminate our buckthorn infestation.  

Jay Iggy, Wells, MN

I was asking myself does the buckthorn baggie work?  Yes it does, we had a large infestation of buckthorn and needed find a way of killing buckthorn without chemicals.  Worked perfect and the baggies are being re-used on other plants right now.  Thanks so much. 

Pete Zastro, Harris MN

I was searching for the best herbicide for controlling buckthorn and tried the buckthorn baggie.  Super happy with my results 100% kill and not one drop of herbicide was needed!  

Katharine Grant, River Falls WI

Would love to get another box of 100 baggies.  LOVING THEM!!!  

Nice little write up for North Dakota people Sue Burke

We have struggled with removing our buckthorn trees for years.  We are so happy with the Buckthorn Baggie.  You need to go on Shark Tank for the best invention ever!